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Live Happy Ringo


No cats


                        I don't ask for much, I only want your trust
                        And you know it don't come easy
                        And this love of mine keeps growing all the time
                        And you know it don't come easy…

                                                                        Copyright Ringo Starr

          ‘Ello, Mate!  It’s Ringo, I am, and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.  I just got in and I’m getting used to everyone I’m meeting.  I was a racer…and a good one.   I was a “Starr,” ya’ know.  But, I’m having a blast in this place.  I don’t have to do much--just hang out, eat, and chase around a tad in the yard with the other dogs.   I’m waiting, you see, to go to me new home.  I’d be a good choice for you.  I’m confident, I believe in meself, and I love people.  I’m a bit of a smoocher, actually.   I’m a lively bloke and just the one to jazz up your world.  In return, you get one fab greyhound who, like the song says, will love you more and more all the time.  CHECK ME OUT!


Crow Flies


Cat Workable 



Howdy!  Well now.  I just heard a little lady say that Curly over there is a ham.   I reckon there’s some truth to that.  I like to kick up my heels as much as the next guy.  I’m pretty durned happy when I’m in the corral playing with the other dogs here.  I hear tell that I’m about to be “adopted.” I’m kind of a greenhorn about being a pet, but I get the hang of things pretty quick.  Stairs don’t bother me none.  I met up with a cat.  We’re as different as whiskey and tea, but it seemed to me we could get along o.k. Truth is, my wilder days are behind me and I’m hankerin’ for a family and home I can call my own—even if it means getting citified.  So come on down and take a look at me, CURLY!  Deal me in!


Flyin Green Trey
Cat Workable


Wait, wait, wait just a minute here.  I see Ringo thinks he’s going to be picked for the “Dog of the Month.”  Well, maybe so, but not until I’ve had my turn first!  I’m Trey, I’m two years old, I’m as shiny as a puddle of wet ink, and MY eyes will speak to your soul.  But, best of all, I will do all the fun dog things with you—we’ll go on long walks in the park, play with all the new toys you’ll buy for me, and I’ll put on my most irresistible face so I can finagle treaties from you.  So, here’s what you do:  fill out an application and get it into GPAMA, call them up and tell them you want to see TREY, then program your GPS for Middleborough.  I’m here waiting!




AMF Wingman
Becker College Graduate

Hello. I’m Wing and I hope you notice me. Did you see that my ears are really cute? I went to Becker College. That’s right! That means I’m smart! My “instructors” at Becker college sent a lot of notes along with me—kind of like my report card. It says that I’m a fun, silly guy that loves to run in the yard—fenced in, of course! It’s true! I do love that. I especially like it if you throw a squeaky toy so I can chase it. My instructor there also said that I tend to be a bit timid at first. I have to admit that’s true, too. I just need time to get to know you. New places are also a little scary to me. I guess I need an adopter who will be patient and help me get used to new situations. Your reward will be a gentle, sweet dog that will love you forever—ME!


SE's Suse




My name is Lil Suse.  There’s a song about me.  It’s called, “Wake up Little Susie” and it’s the most perfect song for me ever.  I’ll sing it for you:

                                    Wake up, Little Susie, 

                              Wake up, Little Susie,     

                                    Wake up, Little Susie,

                                    We gotta go home.

This is the best song because I’m a greyhound and everybody knows that greyhounds sleep a lot.  In fact, I’ve heard people say we’re cats in dog bodies, we sleep so much.  It also says that we gotta go home and I’m waiting to find my new home.   There is one thing about me, though, and that is that I take medicine for an autoimmune condition in my mouth.  I have a super doctor who has helped me a LOT and it’s much better now. If you’re thinking about taking me home, you must promise to keep giving me my medicine.  The kind humans at GPA will tell you all about it so that you can decide if I’m the dog that’s right for you.  In the meantime, I’m going to keep practicing my song because I know that, sooner or later, my family will come for me.  “…We gotta go HOME! “




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