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No Cats

In a Foster Home!



Hello!  I’m Chase.  It’s a good name for me because that’s what I used to do!  Now, not so much.  I’ve been at GPAMA for a while. I tried my best at the racetrack, but when I retired, living in a kennel with other dogs coming and going was a little stressful for me.  I didn’t get it.  I kind of hid in my kennel and wasn’t exactly welcoming.  Then, the best thing in the whole world happened to me:  I was picked to go to a foster home so they could see how I would be as a pet.  I love it! 

I listen to what the humans tell me.  If I’m doing something and they say, “CHASE!” then I know I should stop.  I get along with the other dogs (and, believe me, there are quite a few here), and I’ve never had an accident in the house.  The best thing about it?  The treaties!  I get peanut butter sometimes and something called “marshmallows” are yummy!  There’s something even better than that—cuddles.  Don’t tell the other dogs at the GPA kennel, but I’ve become quite the lover. I snuggle with my foster mom and we watch TV together.  My racing name was Chasegrandfinale.  Well, I’m ready for MY grand finale.  I want to be YOUR dog.  You will love me!







AMF Ozark



No cats 


Hey, y’all!  I’m Ozark and I love you!  I’m just full of southern charm and I’m goin’ to charm the noses right off y’alls’ faces.

I wear my tuxedo everyday—I am a southern gentleman, you know.  I have on my white spats and I’m ready to follow you anywhere you have a mind to go, Honey.  In fact, someone here referred to me as “Velcro Boy.”  I do believe that’s because I stick right by your side, though thick and through thin.  I only have eyes for you.  I’m handsome, I’m charming, I’m friendly, and, frankly, I DO give a dang.  (Er, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.) 


Family Values 


Cat Workable 


Hello.  My name is Val.  Guess what!  I just had a birthday and now I’m two!  I’m just a little girl and I’m the tiniest bit shy—especially around men.  I would probably do best with dog parents that have some experience with greyhounds.  It might even be a good thing if there is already a gentle greyhound living there.   I know there are so many exciting places to go and lots of fun things to do.  I just need to be introduced slowly.  If you are patient and willing to work with me, I’ll be your loyal friend for life.

Cat woman

Jawa Catwoman


Cat Workable 


I’m sleek, cunning, stealthy, and I’m wicked good at stealing.  Hearts, that is.  I steal hearts.  I’m petite, which is a good thing because I might just creep up into your lap when you’re on the sofa.  I will weave and circle around your knees when you’re fixing my dinner.  You will adore taking me for long walks and spoiling me with delectable treats.  You will brush my coat until it glistens and you will love dressing me in warm nighties and outdoor coats.  Yes, I will bewitch you so that the ONLY dog for you is a greyhound.  Me!  No cats, please.  I’m the only Cat you’ll ever need.


Boc's Kurt Busch


No Cats 


Hey, there!  I’m Kurt.  Kurt Busch, that is.  You may have heard of my namesake.  We have some things in common.  First, we’re fast.  Very fast.  Mr. Busch is known for racing stock cars.  I’m known for racing other greyhounds.  I didn’t do too badly, either.  But now I’m ready to settle down to a slower pace.  I hear the life of a retired racer is pretty good.  Good eats, good places to sleep, and lots of attention.  In return, I’m willing to dish out the unqualified adoration and a whole lot of fun.  Besides, I know you can’t resist these silly, lopsided ears of mine.  I was whelped in Iowa, raced in Florida, and now I’m a Massachusetts boy.  Can’t wait to meet ya’!


Evening Show


No Cats 


I’m Eve, and just as sweet as I can be.  I’m also beautiful, friendly, and I have tons of personality.  I’m sure I’ll be adopted soon because I’m so perfect!  O.K.  Here’s what you need to be ready for me: two dog bowls—one for food and one for water, a soft dog bed (maybe two…or even three), a leash and a martingale collar, a tag collar, oh…and a crate would be a good idea.  (If you have children, remind them not to startle me when I’m sleeping.)  I would be very happy in an apartment or a condo, but if you plan on letting me out, you need a well-fenced yard.  I draw a LOT attention when I’m out on my leash, so get ready to meet a lot of new people and make new friends.  My birthday is coming soon—I’m going to wish for my brand new home!





No Cats


Hey, out there!  It’s summer!  I’m all fired up because I’m looking forward to doing all those cool summer things:  walking on the beach, hiking on trails, music in the park, car rides, catching a stray hot dog when you barbecue…you get the idea.  I’m one handsome dude (just look at that picture of me.)  I have to say that I’m not the scaredy type—I’m self-confident and have a taste for adventure.  I’m independent.  I know what I like and I usually find a way to get it.   What I don’t like, man, are cats.  They’re too persnickety and get in my way.   I’m smart and I’m loyal.  You take care of me and I’ll take care of you.  I’ll stick by your side and we’ll have barrels of fun.  I’ll give you a jolt of LIGHTNING when you come see me.  You’ll know I’m the only dog for you!




Cat Workable


I’m Weekend, but I promise I’ll love you everyday of the week—and then some!  I’m a lustrous black beauty who can’t wait to meet up with a soft, snuggly sofa.  That’s why they call us “couch potatoes!”  People always ask if we run a lot.  Hardly!  We’re sprinters, you see, so a short burst of activity, then we’re ready for the dog bed.  And, I overheard a volunteer say that I’m one of the most likely couch potatoes around.  I love to walk and I might even play a bit in the backyard.  I’m low key. That means I’m not demanding or “all about me”—for a girl, that is.  I love people and I am soooo looking forward to a family of my very own.  Please call and say you would like to see Weekend.  How about THIS weekend?  I’ll be here!




No Cats

On Hold!


Helloooo there, Human!  It’s JOSH here!  You say you’re looking for a dog?  You came to right place because I’M A DOG!
Not only am I a dog, but I’m a GREYHOUND who just happens to be looking for a HOME.  I haven’t been in a “home” before, but I’m really excited about what I hear.  I hear HOMES come with HUMANS with opposable thumbs!  You guys can do things like give belly rubs, ear scratches, and open bags of kibble.  There are things called COUCHES and HUMANS and GREYHOUNDS CUDDLE!  Oh boy, oh boy!  You need a very special greyhound for that.  One like ME, for instance, who is calm, quiet, and loves HUMANS.  I’m young, tall, handsome, and I already know how to walk nicely on a leash and climb stairs.  What more could you want?  When you come to GPA to see us, look for the black and white spots…I love you already!


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