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Atascocita Kabi
No Cats


I’m here!  I’m here!  Do you see me?  I’m the brindle with the beeee-u-tiful coat and the long swirling tail.   I just retired from the racetrack.  My racing days may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to spend my life lounging on a dog bed.  I have a whole lot of energy left in me.  I’m a five year old in a two year old body.  I’m full of the joy of life and I show it by leaping and prancing around.  A fenced yard would suit me perfectly.  I do love to chase things, so cats are probably not a good idea.  I do like to explore so I know I’m going to love long walks with you.  I’m ready to be your pet with a future packed with play, travel, and adventure.  But, the best thing of all?  It’s

Kobi + you!


BWG Apollo




 I’m Apollo and, no, I’m not a Greek god.  I just look like one.  Look at these pictures of me:  the stance, the bearing, the noble ears, the sleek and glossy coat.  I’m not egotistical—honest!  Well, I never saw a picture of myself before and, I have to admit, I’m pleasantly surprised.   If my looks haven’t convinced you, think about this:  I’m dignified and mellow—but not at all shy.   You’ll be proud to walk me on my leash, and I’ll be one thrilled greyhound to be with you.  Give GPA a call and tell them you want to come meet your next pet—APOLLO.



Live Happy Ringo



                        I don't ask for much, I only want your trust
                        And you know it don't come easy
                        And this love of mine keeps growing all the time
                        And you know it don't come easy…

                                                                        Copyright Ringo Starr

          ‘Ello, Mate!  It’s Ringo, I am, and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.  I just got in and I’m getting used to everyone I’m meeting.  I was a racer…and a good one.   I was a “Starr,” ya’ know.  But, I’m having a blast in this place.  I don’t have to do much--just hang out, eat, and chase around a tad in the yard with the other dogs.   I’m waiting, you see, to go to me new home.  I’d be a good choice for you.  I’m confident, I believe in meself, and I love people.  I’m a bit of a smoocher, actually.   I’m a lively bloke and just the one to jazz up your world.  In return, you get one fab greyhound who, like the song says, will love you more and more all the time.  CHECK ME OUT!


Crow Flies




Howdy!  Well now.  I just heard a little lady say that Curly over there is a ham.   I reckon there’s some truth to that.  I like to kick up my heels as much as the next guy.  I’m pretty durned happy when I’m in the corral playing with the other dogs here.  I hear tell that I’m about to be “adopted.” I’m kind of a greenhorn about being a pet, but I get the hang of things pretty quick.  Stairs don’t bother me none.  I met up with a cat.  We’re as different as whiskey and tea, but it seemed to me we could get along o.k. Truth is, my wilder days are behind me and I’m hankerin’ for a family and home I can call my own—even if it means getting citified.  So come on down and take a look at me, CURLY!  Deal me in!


NB's Poppyharlow




“Oh girls they wanna have fu-un, Girls just wanna have fun…”  Oh, hello.  I’m Poppy and do I ever love to have fun.  My favorite thing to do here is chase the other dogs and make them run.  Speaking of running, you should have seen the cat!  The GPA peeps said I probably shouldn’t be in a home that has one.  But look, adopt me and you don’t need a cat.  You’re going to love the way I spice up your world.  I’m young, spirited, and drop dead gorgeous.   I love being with people and I’m soooo excited about the fun we’re going to have together.  “I want to be the one to walk in the sun, Oh, girls they wanna have fun!”


BH's Beast Power



Ha ha haaaaa!  Don’t I have a greyt name?  I think so!  At the track, I was known as Beast Power, but I think we should change that Love Beast. Here’s a secret about me:  I’m a regular lady’s man!  I mean, dog.  I try to work it so I’m turned out when the girls are.  Well, you can’t blame me—just look at them!  I love brunettes like Rose and Kamora.  But Poppy is a blonde and I have a definite weakness for blondes.  I’m very affectionate with people, too.  I lean into you so you’ll know how much I idolize you. So, if you’re looking for a dog that will adore you to the moon and back, then I’m the only one for you.  Call GPA MA and tell them you want the best dog here:  LOVE BEAST!



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