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Connie Sellecca


No Cats

On Hold! 

Hi everybody!  I’m Patty!  I’m in here with all these retired racers and I don’t exactly fit in.   I AM a greyhound, but I’m pretty young—not even two.  A puppy, almost.  And I never got around to actually racing.  I’m having too much fun just being me.   I scared the wits out of the cat, for instance.  The fuddy-duddies in the kennels next to mine look at me and roll their eyes.  They’d rather nap than party.   I heard the volunteers around here say my adopters should maybe have an older grey at home to “show her the ropes.”  Just maybe I’ll show them all the ropes!  Come on and get me out of here.  I’m sooo energetic, young, and pretty.  You and I are gonna’ have a whole lot of fun!  






Cat Workable


I am Argos.  Argos the Elegant, if you don’t mind. Argos was the loyal dog of Odysseus, and the only one who recognized him when Odysseus came home from battle. Homer wrote all about it, you know.  I’m a lot like that other Argos—noble, sleek, dignified, and known for his speed and strength. You won’t have to worry too much about training me!  I may be fast, but I’m calm, reserved, and very well mannered most of the time.  What?  I’m too stuffy, you think?  Well, try this on for size:  My racing name was Gotmymojoworking.  Yep! I’m Argos the Elegant, but I’m pretty cool, too.  Come check me out.   I’ll be the one patiently waiting for you.


BH's Beast Power


No Cats



Ha ha haaaaa!  Don’t I have a greyt name?  I think so!  At the track, I was known as Beast Power.  Perfect for me!  I’m powerful and I’m tough.  I’m a man’s man!  I mean, dog.  Don’t misunderstand me…a woman would work for me, too.   I would be perfect for anyone who is active and wants to do fun things like explore the outdoors, chase around the backyard, and show me the ins and outs of being a pet.  I get a charge out of being a ham and you can’t help but fall hard for me when you see me.  I’m just three years old and I’m a kick.  Do yourself a favor—give me a try.  We’ll have a blast!



Alice Eve


Cat Workable

On Hold! 


Curiouser and curiouser.  Excuse me, I’m Alice, and I was wondering if, perchance, you would tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?  I’m trying to find my way to my new home, you see, but apparently I must stop here first.   I was asked to tell you a bit of my history.  I’m a lovely young lady who has never met a person I didn’t adore.  Or, is it the other way around?  There has never been a person who has not adored ME. It seems both are true!  I’m fair, tall and, indeed, I have a rather long neck.  I love small animals—a cat or a dormouse—it doesn’t matter to me in the least.  I am graceful, courteous, and kind to others.  I am good at my lessons and I learn quickly.  I shall be a dear friend to you for…for…how long is forever?  Quite so!  We shall be friends forever.



Boc's Kurt Busch


No Cats

On Hold! 


Hey, there!  I’m Kurt.  Kurt Busch, that is.  You may have heard of my namesake.  We have some things in common.  First, we’re fast.  Very fast.  Mr. Busch is known for racing stock cars.  I’m known for racing other greyhounds.  I didn’t do too badly, either.  But now I’m ready to settle down to a slower pace.  I hear the life of a retired racer is pretty good.  Good eats, good places to sleep, and lots of attention.  In return, I’m willing to dish out the unqualified adoration and a whole lot of fun.  Besides, I know you can’t resist these silly, lopsided ears of mine.  I was whelped in Iowa, raced in Florida, and now I’m a Massachusetts boy.  Can’t wait to meet ya’!

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