Greyhound Pets of America-Massachusetts is a rapidly growing non-profit 501c3 organization. We are dedicated to finding good homes for greyhounds that retire from the racetrack, and spreading the word that greyhounds make great pets. The need to place greyhounds in loving homes is as strong as it's ever been and we are dedicated to making sure this happens 

July Dog of the Month


Becker College Graduate


No Cats


My name is Future and I am a smart, lovable boy. I have learned a variety of different tricks during my time at Becker College including, but not limited to, sit, lie down and bow. It may take some time to show you these tricks though because I will need to get used to my new surroundings first. I am also very good at taking selfies and will rest my head on your shoulder and pose. I love squeaky toys, especially ones with weird noises, the weirder the better I say. I will be your shadow and follow you, even if you are just going to the other room.