Greyhound Pets of America-Massachusetts is a rapidly growing non-profit 501c3 organization. We are dedicated to finding good homes for greyhounds that retire from the racetrack, and spreading the word that greyhounds make great pets. The need to place greyhounds in loving homes is as strong as it's ever been and we are dedicated to making sure this happens 

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I’m Conrad!  There have been many famous Conrads.  Besides all the saints and kings, there’s Joseph Conrad the famous author, Conrad Hilton, the famous hotelier, and Conrad _____________(insert your last name here) the famous greyhound.

You might be asking yourself why I, Conrad the greyhound, am  so well known.  It’s true I was a racing dog and I AM a pretty good athlete.  But, just LOOK at this face of mine…do you see it?  I’m Conrad the Lover.   I will lean against you when you pet me and gaze at you with adoring eyes.  I will listen to you complain about your boss at work and how much you hate the weather.  I will snuggle with you on the couch and melt your heart with my cuteness factor.  Do you see me with my tongue out?  Don’t you want to see this sweet face of mine EVERY day?  Tell GPA you want to meet the greyhound with the distinguished name and the biggest heart in the whole world.  CONRAD!