Greyhound Pets of America-Massachusetts is a rapidly growing non-profit 501c3 organization. We are dedicated to finding good homes for greyhounds that retire from the racetrack, and spreading the word that greyhounds make great pets. The need to place greyhounds in loving homes is as strong as it's ever been and we are dedicated to making sure this happens 

Dog of the month September 



Curtis Joseph


On Hold!

You must be looking for a greyhound!  What a coincidence!  I’m a greyhound looking for a person!  Wanna see a handsome dog?  Well, just look at this shot of me. You could say I have an athlete’s physique…and just look at my cute ears!  You made an excellent decision when you decided on a greyhound.  We’re not just the best looking dogs on the planet.  We come with a truckload of interesting facts.   Did you know we’re the second fastest land mammal and that we reach full speed in three strides?   Artists and sculptors have portrayed us for centuries--the goddess Diana is often shown surrounded by her greyhounds.  Oh—and we’re the only dog mentioned in the Bible by breed name.  It’s in Proverbs30-31.  Pretty cool, huh? Adopt me and you’ll find out all kinds of good stuff about me.  You’re gonna love it!