Ever wonder where the greyhounds are now and what there lives are like now that they have been adopted? This page is dedicated to to all the greyhounds who have been adopted thru GPA MA. 

<< Lucy


Adopted January 2017


Lucy is a Becker College graduate and has been in her home for one year now. She is sweet, gentle and fun. We love her and are so glad she joined our family.

Pat LaFontaine
Adopted Fall 2014


Lily is a sweet, calm, beautiful girl who has never met someone she didn’t like or welcome.  She has been with our family for 3 years and has brought us so much peace and joy.  

She’s turning 7 this month and doesn’t run around the yard like she used to but still very much looks forward to her daily walk around the cranberry bog.

One year ago we welcomed a 9 month old standard poodle into our family and Lily didn’t skip a beat.  She graciously puts up with Coco’s constant desire to play, be silly, and steal her bed. In fact, I️ think Lily really loves Coco in her own way.  She can be very protective of her when other dogs come around.

My oldest son battles with intense anxiety and Lily is his go-to whenever he needs help relaxing; she’s always open to a quick hug or a long snuggle.  She provides continuous support.

We love Lily and we’re so thankful she is in our family

Ajn Just a Hero
Adopted Fall 2017


I adopted Hero one month ago. He only cried a little the first night, otherwise he has been adjusting quite well. He’s the most calm and friendly boy. Everyone we come in contact with just loves him. He has stolen my heart & I feel so blessed to have him. He likes taking walks in the park and going to his obedience class. But his favorite thing is laying in his bed. 





RCK Fly Girl

Our FeeFlyFoFum, Feefs, FiFi, Fly Lady, Lady Pants...
She is my love... my goofy girl.
Fly was not who we set out to adopt originally. We, my ex-bf and I, had adopted Mad Maxx (also from GPA MA) and we were so smitten by him we wanted to add another to our family.
We chose a little, black female. The meeting was not meant to be though. She was way too interested in our Chihuahua and Dachshund. 
Kathy had another grey in mind... she went back into the kennel and brought out Fly Girl, a very timid fawn. Fly didn't mind BugBug or Hugo, and immediately took to Mad Maxx like a long lost sister.
Well, my relationship ended quite unexpectedly... the ex took Hugo and Maxx, while I kept BugBug and Fly. 
Unfortunately, right after we moved, Fly took off. She was in unfamiliar territory and terrified of strangers. Absolute Nightmare! 
She went missing during one of the coldest weeks. It was heartbreaking, so many kept telling me she couldn't survive the frigid temps. Fly had very little fat reserves, but was thankfully in great condition wich helped her through the freezing nights. She somehow got by on scraps of food or squirrels she found. 
Our town ACO, GPA-MA, Milton police, friends and volunteers from a greyhound group that have since disbanded, and many, many kind neighbors came out in force to flyer and search for my precious girl. I have never seen such a response, it was a bit overwhelming but fully appreciated in every possible way.
Fly was found by a local woman and her Chowchow after nearly a week exposed to the ice and snow. Rushed to Dr d'Esopo as she was skeletal with bloodied paws from ice and cuts on her ears and legs from running through brush. 
Thankfully she recovered. Once well again we invested in recall training with my dear friend Zephyr. Definitely recommended even if you are not a walker/hiker with your grey. 
Fly even became brave enough to attend school with my daughter. What an accomplishment for our Fly! ... this meant being around loud kids and unfamiliar noises. She loved jumping onto the school bus with Rose in the mornings. 
It is unbelievable how fast time has flown by. She makes us smile every day. Such a silly girl with her hidden antics just for us to enjoy in her company.
She showed off her incredible skills at LGRA a few times over the years. Very impressive!
 I feel so very blessed to have Fly in our lives. She is truly the best walking/hiking companion and one of my four-legged loves of my life. 

Livin the Dream
Adopted Spring 2015
G.S. Dorothy 
Adopted Fall 2016


Dream has been with us since May 2015.  She was such a timid girl when she came home with us.  Dream was a Becker grad, but when she came home, it was like she had never been in a house before.  We initially had to carry Dream into the house, as she had a very difficult time with the stairs.  Our hardwood floors were a struggle at first as well.  Dream was afraid of walking through narrow spaces, and if you opened a cabinet door near her it would send her into the slipping feet scramble.  It took Dream quite a while to warm up to home life and to warm up to us.  She did not like anyone to be too close to her, which she would let us know with a snarl or a snap.  Other dogs?  Not a fan, snarls and snaps for them too.  

Today, Dream is the most loving, most perfect girl.  She has fallen for her family, which she shows by leaning, allowing for hugs and kisses, giving the occasional kisses, and letting her boys sit by her bed for cuddles.  She can be playful with her sister and cousin, often racing around the yard with them or bowing and barking playfully.  She lovers her belly rubs and treats, sun bathing on the deck, and enjoys nature walks and the beach.  Dreamy girl is our perfect angel.

Dorothy, our Do-Do, is our other special girl.  You probably remember her adoption campaign.  She was a GPA MA resident for a year, just waiting for us to be ready for her.  Matt and Denise brought Dorothy to us in November of 2016, to monitor and advise as she came into the home of our only gray child.  She came into the house like she knew it belonged to her; up and down the stairs, exploring the house, and getting her non-stair-friendly new sister to join her on the stairs.  Dorothy was full of hugs and kisses from day 1.  I think she had been saving them up the entire year she waited for us.  What makes her such a special girl?  She is an all-around goof and her lack of grace is remarkable!!  She is a curious girl, and the kitchen trash has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion  Dorothy loves her hugs and kisses, both giving an receiving them, and is a complete cuddle bug!  Her favorite place to be is on the couch with Dad.  She is a chattery girl, her teeth are always making happy noise.  DoDo likes running in the yard with Dream and is great at catching the tennis ball (not so great at giving it back though).  She loves exploring on walks in the woods but does not like the water as much as her sister does.  We are so glad that Dorothy waited for us and chose us to be her family!

These girls have completed our family.  They were the missing pieces that we didn't know were missing.  We were so lucky to have been introduced to GPA MA and can not say enough about the wisdom, education, and support they have provided to us.  From training, to behavior, to feeding, to bedding, to medical questions, they know their stuff.  Honestly, there isn't enough to be said about your organization.  A big Thank You for all that you do!


Pfannys Hy Tide
Adopted January 2015


This is Brodie (Pfannys Hy Tide).  This sweet guy has been with us for almost 3 years now, and we can't imagine life without him!  Brodie is the sweetest funniest guy who loves toys, people, other doggies, the kitties, FOOD and just about everything else. 

He's a fantastic, easy dog who was returned twice (through no fault of his own!).  We can't believe anyone gave him up, but that's okay because that meant we got to adopt him!  He makes us laugh every day, loves to give kisses and snuggle and also loves to go for long walks and car rides: the perfect dog.



KB's Wild Chimes
Adopted October 2014


I've always wanted a greyhound. The problem is that I’m also a cat lover. For decades I’d heard cats and greyhounds can’t mix, so I gave up. . . until I found GPA. They know their dogs and we found a perfect match in Stella (formerly, Chimes).  She has been with us for three years and we love her. She’s a quiet dog but has her bursts of quirkiness that we adore, like stamping her feet when when she barks, and tossing her “Creeper” toy up in the air like a pizza.  She also loves car rides, her walks and being outside. You’ll often find her napping, and particularly enjoys sitting with our son Danny while he tickles her ears on end (I guess they both find that soothing?? hahaha).  She also loves her best friend Minnie!!!!  Shame on me for believing that myth!

These greyhounds have a blend of peaceful harmony and spirit that make them a joy to have around! 

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Adopted summer 2017


Even though Chase has been with me for only 3 months, he has been a huge blessing to me.  He is fun, energetic, a true gentleman, gracious, and such a sweet soul!  He is wonderful with the kids in the neighborhood, even the little guys! He has adjusted well to his new home.  Initially he cried a lot when I left.  Now I think he knows I'll be back so he is more settled.  He also used to follow me everywhere!  Now, he still follows me but only if I go out of his sight as into another room. One of his favorite things is to go for a car ride!  After being gone even a couple hours he is so excited to see me.  And when I bring him out he races right to the car and begs to go for a ride! How can I refuse, right! Chase never begs for food or gets in my face when I eat!  His new joy seems to be shredding paper and cardboard! So it makes a mess, he's having a blast and that mess is easily cleaned up!


(Racing name: Killer Pick)


Adopted spring of 2017


Pickles is such a sweet and happy dog! He has adjusted so well, it's like he's always been part of the family. He has become very goofy, showing his personality and a lot of affection. He likes to sleep on the wood floor when it's hot. But he also claimed the spare bedroom as his own, dragging all his blankets into it and bringing each toy in one by one! He still collects shoes, and loves peanut butter and Greek yogurt, and beef tracheae. He sleeps a lot, and enjoys his walks and runs. We haven't had to crate him since his first month with us.  No behavior problems at all so far. No chewing, no separation anxiety. Long story short, we are so glad we found Pickles, but I think he picked us.

Ziggy Stardog

(Dani​a, race name: Mystic Bay) 

adopted October 2016


Ziggy was love at first sight. We saw her photo on the GPA Mass website and HAD to meet her even though we weren't quite ready for another dog. We introduced her to our 6yo greyhound Code and they got along so well! They walked well on the lead together and seemed to enjoy each others company. Needless to say we put down her adoption fee right away. 

The same month that we brought Ziggy home, we ended up moving to Halifax, NS, Canada for a new job opportunity. She did so well during the 12 hour drive and really didn't have any issues becoming part of the family. Although she has learned a lot from our other grey Code (daily routine, being home alone), the learning has gone both ways. We have found that Code is much more affectionate, playful and has learned to enjoy life a bit more (instead of worrying about what is happening next). He is also learning to subtly manipulate us by whining...haha!

Our favourite thing has to be watching her roach. She is an expert roacher and sleeps on her back every single day. She loves having her belly rubbed and welcomes us into her bed for a cuddle. 

Ziggy really has to be the most affectionate, goofy and easy going greyhound I have ever met. She has never once growled at us or shown us any distrust (even when I clip her nails and brush her teeth). I sometimes feel like she is unique, but I have no doubts that there are other greyhounds at GPA Mass that are equally as perfect!



Dani Dangerous 




I adopted Laika in the summer of 2015.  I had been looking for a dog for almost a year because I needed one that fit very specific qualifications.  I was looking for a dog to train as a service dog to help mediate my disabilities.  After months and months of searching for the perfect dog and not finding any that would work for the job, I found GPA.  I told the amazing volunteers and staff what I was looking for, and they recommended the dog they thought would fit.  They introduced me to Laika, and the rest is history.  
After about a year and a half of living with each other I can confidently say that Laika and I were meant to find each other.  She picked up on training immediately and does her job perfectly every single day.  As my service dog, she attends classes with me, goes to work with me, and is by my side 24/7.  Outside of her job, Laika is the most loving dog in the world.  She loves to run around in the backyard, chase a ball in my dorm building's common room, and snuggle in bed (even though she takes up the whole mattress).  
We would both like to thank GPA MA for helping us find each other and changing our lives. 






Kiowa Maddie 2/9/2013

UMR Frisky 6/27/2009

Paw on Trigger 8/21/2010


They can be quirky in their own ways, but the best decision we've ever made! Couldn't ask for more lovable and fun dogs that get along with each other better than my 5 children do! We love them so very much.







Gable Strikeking 6/16/09
Easi Denny 3/27/09
PKay Feb Dragon 9/17/13
P Kay Edge 5/28/13 
O Ya Amos Moses 3/7/14


We had adopted 2 greyhounds from Lincoln Greyhound Adoption Program in 2005. In September 2014, our 12 year old greyhound Belle passed away and while we weren’t sure about getting another dog right away, I knew at some point I would want another greyhound. No other breed would do! We weren’t sure where to go so we contacted June Bazar and she told us to contact GPA Mass. I started looking at the available dogs, still unsure if I wanted to adopt so soon, as it had only been a week since losing Belle. My daughter and I saw a picture of Striker (Gable Strikeking) and wanted him. By this point, our other greyhound Carlie was just not herself, so off we went to meet Strike. There was an immediate connection. Striker soon became my baby, and I would joke that him and I could talk and understand each other , we just had this connection I hope to have at some point in life with another dog. Everyone should have a dog like Strike at some point.  He loved to just lay and cuddle, and many mornings wouldn’t get out of bed until I did, even if the others were let outside. You could leave the room and he wouldn’t touch any food that wasn’t his. He loved to bark at every loud car, truck, and motorcycle that drove by the house. He also enjoyed walks and could walk for miles I think if I would keep going. In the summer he would sit in his pool, even at 6am or 10pm.

Shortly after adopting Striker, I saw on facebook that Denny (Easi Denny) was available for adoption. We had met Denny once before, and he was a beautiful brindle boy! I don’t remember the timeframe, but within a few weeks of adopting Strike, we also adopted Denny. We went from a 2 greyhound house to 3. My daughter and Denny are inseparable. Denny owns any piece of furniture, even if someone is on it. He will jump up and keep pushing you over until you move. He loves to have his ears rubbed, and loves to wipe his face on me. Denny loves food. It doesn’t matter what it is. He will wait until you’re distracted and try to grab it. Denny also has a mile limit on walks. We have to keep track because after a mile he slows down and then soon stops walking. We have to wait until he’s ready to go again. Denny thinks he is very much in charge.  Denny sits, and he will move his head back and forth until he has your attention. He waits for my son’s school bus with me almost every morning- sitting there looking in the direction it comes from. 

In March of 2016, Carlie passed away at the age of 12. The next morning my husband woke me up by telling me to hurry up and get ready we were going to adopt Dragon (P Kay Feb Dragon). Dragon is the smallest greyhound in our house, but she doesn’t let that stop her from hanging with the boys. She loves to run around the yard, has a hiding spot for all her toys outside, and can chew up toys in 5 seconds flat, and can find anything she’s not supposed to chew. Most of the time we walk around asking Dragon what she has and where she found it. She loves having her belly rubbed, and roaching on the dog beds. Dragon also loves food, any food, doesn’t matter if you’re on the process of eating it, she will try to steal it if you let your guard down for 2 seconds. Dragon also does not like long walks, but she loves to zoom around the yard, and then lay in the spot with the most dirt!

We were back to 3 greyhounds in the house! We went to a playdate at GPA MASS in April and took 3 greyhounds but came home with 4. My son and husband wanted Edge (P Kay Edge) the moment they saw him. Edge loves to play with any stuff animal he can find, and that Dragon hasn’t chewed, or moved back into her hiding spot. If he can’t find a toy to take outside, he’ll grab the nearest shoe. Edge smiles once in a while. He loves to cuddle and lean. He’ll walk up to you and lean until you pet him, and if you stop for any reason he’ll move onto the next person in the room until they stop and he’ll just go back and forth until he doesn’t want to be pet anymore. Edge sits too, and occasionally will also help me wait for the school bus with Denny.

Earlier this month, we Strike passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly. We still miss that big boy. The time we had with him wasn’t long enough, but I don’t think  50 years would have been enough time for me.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to get another dog. I thought it best to let things settle for a while, and just stick with 3 greyhounds. The house seemed empty, even though we still had Denny, Dragon, and Edge there was something missing. The dogs were acting “off”, I’m sure they were picking up on our sadness. Although Strike can never be replaced, we met Moses (O Ya Amos Moses), and Kathy, Matt and Denise thought he would be a good fit. Of course they were understanding of us not wanting to rush in adopting again if we chose to wait. Once I really met Moses, (I had seen him the week before, but I had convinced myself it was too soon and didn’t really pay attention to him), but once I really met him and played with him, I knew it was meant to be. Matt and Denise brought him to our house, and he couldn’t wait to get inside. I’m pretty sure he would’ve gone through the door if he could have. He is such a happy boy and fits right into our hyper greyhound gang! He loves to wag his tail, it never stops moving, and if you leave his sight even for one minute, when he sees you again he gets super excited. Moses also loves to smile! He has fit right in, and I can’t wait to see his personality from here.


Girl and Kane

Rhythm Big Girl and Big Daddy Kane

3/8/2008 & 4/30/2009


Back in April or May of 2014, we happened to go into Tractor Supply in Plympton and GPA-MA was there that day doing a Meet and Greet.  We met some of the cutest greyhounds that day, and of course the nice humans who volunteer at GPA. My husband fell in love with Winona, who came right over and did that greyhound lean thing they do… how can you not fall in love, right?!  As we were driving home, hubby told me about how he had almost adopted a greyhound from the Raynham track years before I met him, but it fell through and he has always wanted one.   We also had the yes/no discussion on whether we wanted to get another pet.  Our 18 year old cat had passed away a couple of years before and we were enjoying the freedom of not having to get a pet-sitter when we wanted to go off somewhere.  Fast forward to August, and Ihad decided that hubby needed a companion since he is now retired and home by himself most of the time while I am at work.  I went online and did a search for adopting greyhounds and found GPA-MA’s website.  When I pulled up the list of available dogs, Girl was the first picture of the group.  She looked so regal and beautiful in her picture!  I printed out the list and left it on my husband’s dresser top while he slept, and left for work.  Next thing I know, I get a phone call saying “we’ve got to make an appointment to go down and look at these dogs”.  So, he set up the appointment for that Saturday and we went and met Girl.  After meeting her and hearing that she had been at the kennel for over 18 months and was still waiting to be adopted, we just had to have her!   We signed the adoption paperwork, and we did the mad dash back to Tractor Supply to pick up food, bedding, doggy bowls, treats, squeaky toys, and plastic fencing for the backyard.  Matt and Denise brought her over the next day for her home visit and she decided to stay. Lucky us!!   She is a Becker College graduate of December 2012, is very well mannered and handles the stairs like a pro!  She does have a stubborn streak and we understand she was a bit of an alpha (which is a nice way of saying ‘bully’ lol) at the kennel, but she did settle in very well from the start. She has been such a joy, every day! 

So, I am sure a lot of you know the term “chipping” when it comes to greyhounds, right?  They are like potato chips – you cannot have just one.  We were FINE with just having one dog, really… we were!   We took Girl to GPA’s annual reunion event in Sept. 2015, and had the best time; the greyhound community are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  We are chatting with a couple who kept talking about Kane; a big boy who had been at the kennel for 13 months and no one had shown any interest in him. How sad is that?  The following Saturday, we went to GPA to meet Kane.  He was such a loveable goof!  We wanted to have him come to the house to meet Girl and see how they would get along in “her territory”, being the “queen bee” that she is.  I’ll tell you, after the first couple of days, I was ready to send him back.  Their squabbles and Girl’s ‘tude was getting a bit much for me to take.  I went to work that Monday and when I got home, my husband says “if he’s got to go back, YOU have to do it because I can’t.”  He’d already lost his heart!!  The funny thing is, by day 3, it was like a switch was flipped and they were getting along great!  I guess they just needed to work out their issues, and I learned that I needed to let them.  I told hubby that if they were still doing well by the next day, then we could keep him.  Needless to say, October 14, 2016 was Kane’s first Gotcha Day! (Thanks Cheryl & John!!)  Kane has settled in extremely well, loves car rides and food – OMG, he loves food!  He is so comical at each meal, he acts like it will be his last!  He stands and drools on your foot while you’re putting his food bowl together, while Girl, on the other hand, just sits and waits patiently, I am sure all the while thinking what a fool her adopted brother is!  She still likes to play alpha and will “nag” him when they are doing zoomies in the backyard.  Luckily Kane is easy going and lets her have her way (most of the time).   These 2 greyhounds have brought such joy into our lives and we are so lucky and greytful to have found them and all the wonderful people at GPA. 



Sweepy,  Sweep or Sweat Pea




October 2, 2013 we lost our 10-year-old greyhound, Sunny, to bone cancer.    One month later, while I was surfing Facebook, I came across a picture of a beautiful red fawn hound named Sweepy posted by Wayne the Greyhound (Claudia Iannotti).
We immediately fell in love and started the adoption process with Denise and Matt Schumitz.  On November 24, 2013 we finalized the adoption and Sweepy became Sweet Pea McGraw.

She is now living the life of a pampered princess in Columbia, South Carolina with two other greyhounds, Katie and Chops. Oddly enough Chops (Chopin) happens to be her “nephew”.  Bill and I are so thankful that Greyhound Pets of America – Massachusetts allowed us to adopt this special girl.


Dewey and Berniece

Dwart and Berniece N Barb

7/1/2008 & 4/15/2013


About two years ago my wife and I moved up to Massachusetts from Maryland.  We already had Grace that we adopted from GPA-MD, and with a bigger place we were immediately in search of another greyhound.  Immediately, we were thrilled to find out that there was a GPA-MA chapter.  With any new addition, it’s nice to have a few days off work to be home with the pup and help them adjust, so we thought Thanksgiving holiday was the perfect time to go searching.  

When we arrived at the kennel we were shown a few lovely greyhounds, but once we saw how goofy Dewey was we feel in love.  Then we heard that he was in the kennel for just about a year, and immediately said “we’ll take him!”  After learning that he was a bigtime racer (over 200 races) we figured he would need some time to adjust to apartment living and some area to run around.  He wanted to see what was behind every door in the apartment, and boy was he fast in the dog park.  

He adjusted so quickly, that a year later we decided we might want a third pup.  After a little discussion with GPA we were going to take a special grey home, but she unfortunately passed away before she came home.  While that was tough, we still wanted to open our home to another grey.  Just visiting GPA there was a white pup named Berniece.  I was still unsure of getting a third dog, but my wife was ready.  Honestly, Berniece was not the grey I wanted.  In the kennel she jumped on people, was super hyper, and even peed a little bit when she got excited.  We already had two dogs and I just thought it was too much to add a third that needed some work.

Well, my wife won and Berniece was going home with us.  Another goofy grey that was in the kennel for a year, and while I wasn’t onboard, I couldn’t say no.  She came home that day and was horrible in the truck, as all she wanted to do was drive.  When we got home the first thing she did was knock over the food container and spilled dog food everywhere!  She found the stuffies right away and tore them apart trying to swallow the arm of a poor little stuffed bear.  Berniece also enjoyed jumping on counters and FOOD.  She loves FOOD.  We literally ate pizza over the sink while she tried to jump up and eat it herself.  Berniece couldn’t stay in the crate without having an accident, and consistently woke up multiple times in the middle of the night. What did we get ourselves into?? 

Almost a year later, I can say she has easily become my favorite of the three (sorry Grace and Dewey).  She loves driving in the truck and hanging her head out the window.  We did get rid of all of our stuffies, but she loves chewing on elk antlers and playing with her ChuckIt ball out in the yard.  We can sit on the couch and eat our dinner with her lying right next to us.  She still really loves FOOD, but only her food.  She hasn’t had an accident in the crate for months!!  Although she wakes up in the middle of the night occasionally, it is definitely less frequent than before.  She has stolen our hearts and her personality is amazing.

Together, all three are very special dogs, but Bern and Dewey are a special breed of their own.  We tend to call them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, cause they can’t do anything without one another.  The first few months when Berniece came home, Dewey would seclude himself in the bedroom.  You can tell he was sad and felt like Berniece was taking his spotlight.  Now, they lay together, hop like bunnies together when it’s feeding time, run to the back door to look at squirrels together.  They are legitimately BFFs.  We are so happy to have all of our greyhounds, no matter how silly and goofy they are.


PMB Code

Code came to us as a mature boy (5 years) with a very energetic, very polite, and very confident temperament. All his years of racing gave him a strong work ethic, but his high prey drive made him not very safe around small animals (including small dogs). With a little training and work, he has learned to tolerate (and even like) some small dogs and he is showing his softer, goofy side. There are no words to describe how much we love him. He is such a great pet! He never does anything wrong in the house and is great with kids. Everyone loves him! He loves to walk/hike and eat his meals. He especially loves channeling his energy into learning new tricks! He has also become quite the embassadog wherever we go, saying "hi" to people on the street and educating everyone about greyhound adoption!



Colt Fuente 




We adopted Colt Fuente at the end of October 2015. We are still so grateful for all the guidance and accommodation from GPA. We’re not first time dog owners, but these were our first greyhounds. He went from Colt Fuente to Merasmus Wizard of the Hades Spiral, or Raz. Razman. Razmataz. (The other greyhound we adopted at the same time is named Friday, so there’s a lot of Fraz and Riday) He is confident, curious and always willing to try something, though we haven’t figured out why he needs to smell the dirty laundry for so long.  He patrols the back fence and surveys his domain (the backyard) from the window by his couch. He loves his twice daily walks so much, I’ve gotten quite a few loud roos right in my ear if I was not quick enough. The wiggle and dance he does as we get to the door is so cute, but he quickly stands right next to me so he can get the leash on. He’s made a fast friend with the neighbor across the street—wraps himself right around him, always looking to see if he’s there. He’ll only get off the couch to greet us if he feels like it, especially if he has taken my spot on the couch. He’s a joy and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. The young teenager, who was not super enthused about getting dogs again, loves having the greyhounds. It’s such a satisfaction watching them bond and relate to one another.




Kiya Blue

Kiowa Tree Blue


Becker College Graduate 2015



When Kiya Blue came to live with us, we had an orange boy kitty who had recently lost her Greyhound friend named Zahra.  Chester missed Zahra and did not appreciate his new, young and playful dog.  So he went on a kitty strike.  He didn't eat, didn't use his litter box, and didn't come out of his human brother's room for 3 days!  Not knowing how to deal with this, Chester's family moved all his things upstairs where they stayed for about 6months, along with Chester!  Gradually, Chester began to realize that Kiya Blue was not going away, and was not going to eat him.  Little by little, he became bolder and soon he accepted his new doggie sister.  It's been over a year now, and just today, Chester hopped up on the couch right next to Kiya Blue.  And right next to me!   Kiya Blue is the sweetest Greyhound we have ever had.  And now, she is Chester Cat approved.



Farina & Nina

Dutch Farina & Mega Mena

6/25/2005 & 3/28/2011


Thoughts about our "Greyhound Girls "

We have always had just one greyhound at a time, until June 16 when we brought our beautiful Nina home from GPA MA Kennel.
Sweet Nina had been returned because her elderly adoptive parents had to enter assisted living . So sad
I was concerned about our 11 year old girl "Farina"
accepting another dog as she had been solo for almost 7 years .
The girls met at the kennel roaming the fenced in yard and playing "Follow the Leader" !
They were perfect together  it was wonderful to see them bond so easily.
I expected I might be up all night on their first night together, but I was wrong as they both slept peacefully til daybreak .
Our next hurdle was feeding time, Farina had all of her bad teeth out last November and eats soft food only.
Nina needed to shed a few pounds and would be eating a healthy weight dry food.
Believe it or not they have been great at sticking with their own bowls of food and treats.
Nina has been with us almost 7 weeks now and she and Farina have been amazing together, they share the couch and overstuffed chair as well as their floor beds and Farina has become much more active having a 5 year old little sister to keep her busy.
They have dug side by side holes in the back yard and spend lots of time laying in them to stay cool!
We couldn't be more blessed having such loving companions in our lives!
Lorna & Jim


JD Casual Chick 



Our little brindle girl arrived with a lovely temperament and some physical challenges. She has come a long way to regaining her strength and health. Watching Chickee discover who she is as a "dog"  and her part in our strange non-greyhound pack has been a rewarding journey.  The first image here is Chickee with paws in the water for the first time contemplating the being of wetness. The second image is Chickee being in the wetness with JB. My husband has been teaching her how to swim.  People at the lake love to cheer her on! 




DKC Valentino


We adopted our boy Tino  in September 2014. It was pretty much love at first sight. He's a big, gorgeous boy on the inside and out. It's hard to put into word just how much he is loved by all of our family, including our other dog Jameson. He makes us smile everyday.  We can see such a change in him since the day we got him. He's like a giant puppy experiencing everything for the first time. It's awesome to watch such innocence in such a big dog!  Everyone who meets him loves him! We get lots of questions about his past career and everyone thinks he must be hyper. We laugh and say we've never had a dog who sleeps so much, as other greyhound owners can attest to!  We are so happy and lucky to have him as part of our family. We are forever grateful to GPA MA for all their help with welcoming him into our home!